Since 2002 Soil Solutions, LLC and our clients have applied over 1,000,000 tons of PRO CAL 40 and NutraBio. Some of our customers will leave untreated areas to compare with the treated area. In addition, we have large replicated plots with known rates to compare with untreated. We have attempted to test PRO CAL 40 and NutraBio under different soil environments, tillage practices, etc.

The results are by location and include as much information about our testing as possible, including pictures where possible.

The pictures are only a few of the visual responses seen where we have applied our products. None of the pictures have been digitally edited other than to reduce their size for faster downloading or to add an arrow for ease of showing the treatment differences. You can usually view larger pictures by clicking on the picture.  Doing so will help to see the true affect of the treatments. Please understand that the human eye is able to depict differences that are often more difficult to ascertain with digital photography.

Choose a location where PRO CAL 40 has been used and see the RESULTS for yourself!

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