NatureGro - Fulvic Acid

NatureGro is a low molecular weight humic substance (LMWHS) derived from the extraction from humates. It contains approximately 15% fulvic acid. A single molecule of fulvic acid can transport more than 60 times its own weight in minerals, vitamins and enzymes making it useful to be applied with both foliar nutrition and soil applications. Best responses in soil applications are on high pH soils, soils which fix nutrients easily and course textured soils.

Foliar applications are beneficial because the fulvic acid molecule is small enough that they can readily enter plant roots, stems or leaves. As they enter the plant they carry minerals with them.

Foliar herbicide activity has also been improved with the addition of LMWHS.

NatureGro is available in tanker loads or in 265 gallon totes.



Fulvic acid increases yields by:

Increasing drought tolerance.
Stimulating microbial activity.
Acting as a catalyst in the plant
Improving energy and mineral requirements for soil microorganisms.
Increasing nutrient solubility and plant uptake.
Improving chlorophyll production.
Enhancing root cell division.

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