Maximum Farming System

The Maximum Farming System is built on scientific research and backed by more than 30 years of proven results. This System addresses proper crop nutrition with the right timing and placement, of the right nutrients, in the right form that are in the right products to help you maximize your return. Air and water management is the foundation to the system to raising higher yields.

The Maximum Farming System® improves productivity by improving the physical, chemical, and biological factors that contribute to soil health. Farmers develop their understanding of the soil properties that limit crop growth. That way, they can make better decisions on the properties they manage. At times, this may involve incorporating some sort of soil health test into their management toolbox. Most often, though, it involves educating our customers about how different management choices affect different soil properties, so that they can make better and more profitable choices that improve, rather than degrade, soil health.

Soil nutrition, soil quality and soil health are assessed and monitored over time with soil tests. Analysis of yield data and annual reports are provided to customers to evaluate production inputs and practices.

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