NatureGro(C) is a concentrated liquid source of humic acid containing 12% humic acid by weight. It contains humic acid extracted from high quality oxidized lignite from New Mexico.

It should be an integral part of a complete crop nutrition program in any high yield production. It can be used in furrow, or as a foliar application. One of the best application methods is to apply it with a liquid nitrogen (28% or 32% N) program. It helps anchor the nitrogen reducing the risk of loss due to leaching, volatilization and denitrification.

NatureGro(C) is available in tanker loads or in 265 gallon totes.



Chelation reactions increases availability of minerals naturally occurring in soils.
Liberates fixed potassium by weakening the structures of clays.
Bond with phosphorus to improve plant uptake by plant roots.
Application rates can range from 1 to 3 gallons per acre.

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