Soil Solutions, LLC is a growing agronomy company that is creating sustainable solutions for agriculture that are ecologically sound and improve profitability.

Soil Solutions began operating in 2002 after recognizing the need for utilizing Gypsum as a soil conditioner that would not only improve soil health and productivity but also create a sustainable and beneficial use of a co-product derived from the process of producing food grade lactic acid.

In December 2021, Abe Sandquist made the strategic move to purchase Soil Solutions. To the owner of Natural Fertilizer in Woodbine, Iowa, there was an obvious alliance between the two companies. The combination creates “wins” for all parties involved and generates a positive impact on the environment.

By utilizing soil testing, soil conditioners and supplying strategically formulated liquid fertilizer systems, Soil Solutions is able to take their customers to the next level.

Our team of experienced agronomists pride themselves on being trustworthy, knowledgeable and innovative. By working with Soil Solutions, LLC you will have peace of mind in knowing you are working with a company who will work as hard for the environment as they do for you.



“Granulized calcium sulfate has been widely used in crop production, but is not cost effective in those soils that require high rates. Our products provide those producers a very cost effective product within our marketing area.”


PRO CAL 40 is calcium sulfate di-hydrate (gypsum) that is produced as a result of the production of lactic acid from the sugars of corn through a fermentation process. We market this product mostly within 250 miles of the production facility. Annual production continues to increase and most of this product is soil applied. Uses include reclamation of sodium affected soils, improvement of gumbo or heavy clay soils, a means to improve infiltration and reduce sealing of soil surfaces plus an economical source of calcium and sulfur. Yield benefits have been realized in alfalfa, corn, soybeans, wheat and potatoes. Other uses include as a drying agent during the composting of manure, synergistic benefits with manure applications and decreasing phosphorus runoff from fields where high levels of phosphorus occur.

Nutra Bio is the other product that Soil Solutions markets from Purac/Corbion. It also has soil amendment qualities improving soil structure and providing some liming benefits. It has value as a source of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and some micronutrients.

While we prefer to market through retail dealers, Soil Solutions also has the ability to provide trucking of the product to the field as well as provide application of the material to your customers’ fields.

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