Field Applications

Applicators that are used to spread lime can also be used to spread PRO CAL 40.

PRO CAL 40 has a very fine particle size nearly all passing a 200 mesh screen. This has agronomic benefits, however, it makes application more challenging. PRO CAL 40 contains about 25% moisture when delivered to the field. This moisture level allows this fine of material to be spread without a dusting problem. Gypsum also has an affinity for itself so it will tend to form little BBs or clumps when thrown from the spinners.

Application of PRO CAL 40 is done by many retail dealers in our marketing area. Click here for a list of retail dealers that apply PRO CAL 40 in your area. If you as a retail dealer have interest in offering PRO CAL 40 to your customers please give us a call.

For those retail dealers that do not have equipment to spread PRO CAL 40, we provide the service to spread the product for them. Soil Solutions owns and operates three spinner type spreader applicators. All three of these spreaders work fine for spreading the PRO CAL 40.

PRO CAL 40 to an alfalfa field

This picture shows an application of 1000#/acre of PRO CAL 40 to an alfalfa field in early spring.

Case 4020-New Leader 5034 Box

We operate two Case 4020 applicators with a New Leader 5034 box. This box has 50 degree sides and a 34″ width chain.

Notice that there in no cloud of dust behind the applicator. PRO CAL 40 contains some moisture which helps it cling to itself and allow the product to be applied in winds up to 20 mph when lime cannot be spread. Many retail dealers have similar application equipment. A New Leader 3020 G4 stainless steel box is what many retail dealers use to spread PRO CAL 40.

Tyler 4020

The picture shows one of the Case 4020 applicators that Soil Solutions owns with the New Leader 5034 G4 box on it. With this applicator we can spread PRO CAL 40 at a 60 foot width.

Pull-Type Carts

In addition to the floater type applicators some of our clients have spreaders like this BBI spreader. These work very well for those clients that would like to spread their own. They have PTO driven hydraulics that operate both the spinners and the chain web. The most important feature of any applicator is to be sure that the opening in the rear is at least 24 inches wide and the slope of the sides are greater than 45 degrees. Be certain to remove the belt deflector above the belt or chain to reduce the risk of product bridging.

Pull Cart

In Iowa, PRO CAL 40 and NutraBio are registered with the Department of Agriculture as liming materials. Regulations prohibit Soil Solutions from marketing either of these products in the state of Iowa as having any other qualities or benefits other than its value as a liming material. Although this website may list other benefits and features of these products we are not allowed to market PRO CAL 40 or NutraBio based on these benefits in Iowa.

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