USDA Bulletins, University Bulletins & Research Reports

Alkalinity and Hardness in Production Ponds

Bicarbonate The Elusive One

Carbonate Chemistry in Soils and Water

Effect of Gypsum on Decreasing Subsoil Acidity

Effects of Exchangeable Ca:Mg Ratio on Soil Clay Flocculation Infiltration and Erosion

Magnesium Affected Soils in Columbia

Interaction of added Gypsum in Alkaline Soils

Saline Soils

Sulfur Applications Boost Alfalfa Yields

Use of Gypsum to Improve Physical Properties and Water Relations in Souteastern Soils

Fact Sheet- Gypsum in Agricultural Soils

Gypsum as a Part of Phosphorus Management Practices in Iowa

Amendment Effects on Soil Test Phosphorus

Assessing the Efficacy of Phosphorus Sorbing Soil Amendments

Reducing Phosphorus Export from Croplands using Gypsum

Soil Erosion of an Indurated Volcanic Soil from Valley of Mexico

Efficacy of Alum and FGD, FBC in Stabilizing Manure Phosphorus

Using Coal Combustion By-Products to Reduce P Runoff

Mitigation of Phosphorus and Ammonia Losses Using Gypsum

The Roles of Sulfur in Nutrient-Disease Interactions

KSU Bulletin: Management of Saline and Sodic Soils

USDA/ARS Bulletin: Gypsum Helps Curb Phosphorus Runoff

EPA Gypsum Fact Sheet

Gypsum Interacts with Nitrogen to Improve Nitrogen Efficiency in Corn

Gypsum Reduces Methane Emission During the Storage of Pig Slurry

Ammonia and Trace Gas Emissions From Organic Fertilizers Amended with Gypsum

Effect of Diet on Air Emissions from Laying Hens of Different Ages

The Effect of Phosphogypsum on Greenhouse Gas Emissions During Cattle Manure Composting

Sulfur Pollution Suppression of the Wetland Methane Source in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Lake Laikkalammi Restoration with Gypsum

Gypsum Fact Sheet Ohio State University

Gypsum Use in Alkaline Soils – Harris

Gypsum- A Multitasking Soil Amendment

Gypsum Influences on Soil Surface Sealing, Crusting, Infiltration and Runoff

Soil Chemical Responses to Gypsum and Their Impact on Crop Yields

Gypsum As An Agricultural Amendment The Ohio State University Publication

Gypsum Use in Low PH Soils

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