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Calculators for Farmers

Farmland Investment Calculator – The following calculator can help farmers and other landowners evaluate a land purchase and net returns.

Land Loan Calculator – This Land Loan Calculator can help you calculate your land loan payments and amortization schedule.


The following are common laboratories that may be in your area for your use!

Crop Associations

-Nebraska Independent Crop Consultant Association

The purpose of the NICCA:

  • Encourage crop consultants to make recommendations which are in the highest interest of their clients economically and environmentally.
  • Promote the crop consultant profession.
  • Continually upgrade the profession of crop consultation.
  • Provide a means for members to share information of common interest.
  • Participate in legislative procedures which affect crop consultation and the use of recommendations by their clients.
  • Encourage and participate in research on crop management techniques.

Visit the NICCA Website…

-Iowa Independent Crop Consultant Association

The IICCA can help in the following ways:

  • Make recommendations to clients specific to each farm and situation.
  • IICCA members do not sell products or participate in the actual purchase of products. These responsibilities are left to the client/farmer.
  • An independent consultant provides unbiased recommendations based on each farmer’s individual needs, drawing from a base of all available products and management techniques.

Visit the IICCA Website…

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