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Wow, where does time go?

[1] Wow, where does time go? I didn’t blink, but here it is the middle of October already! Years ago, before Farmers Lung kicked me off the Family farm, we were filling silo one fall and at noon break I was visiting with one of our Great neighbors, Dale, who helped with this task. I made the comment that the year had blurred by, and Dale asked me, how old are you. I was 26 that year, he proceeded to share this bit of wisdom with me. ” I am 52 years old, double you’re age, if you think time is going fast at 26 , 52 is doubly fast” Well, Dale was right! I wish I was 52 again! Wait, what am I saying? Being blessed with the continued education I have received, going back to 26 sounds even better!

But, even though 2019 was a tough year, it has passed in a blink, and now it’s time to plan for the 2020 growing season. With the wet year, our soils have taken a hit. Surface tension has increased and microbial activity has decreased in our water logged soils.  What makes yield? Air and Water Management is key. We need to GET OXYGEN INTO THE SOIL so we can grow our Microbial Herd! None of the huge amount of nutrients that are in the soil profile can be utilized without the presence of microbes. So, as many of our customers can attest to, Pro Cal 40 Gypsum will help flocculate our soils, allowing oxygen down into the soil profile letting our Microbial Herd come back to help release nutrients! So, as you plan for 2020, consider applying Pro Cal 40 as your Major nutrient source for the year. Over the years, this has proven very beneficial to increasing yields. Remember, Improve your Soils and the Yields will follow!



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