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Want Green Fields Rather Than Yellow Fields…..apply PRO CAL 40!

Below are two pictures of one of our customer’s fields from this spring. He wanted to show his tenant the benefits of PRO CAL 40 gypsum so he had us apply a strip across his field. The application of 2 tons per acre was done in 2018 ahead of the soybeans. This picture was taken about the first of June in 2019. The green strip was where the PRO CAL 40 was applied. Many of our customers have expressed how much more uniform and greener their fields are where they apply PRO CAL 40. We credit most of this to better soil conditions and more pore space where the gypsum is applied. This results in more microbial activity and better root growth. The benefits of PRO CAL 40 applications can be realized for multiple years as this picture demonstrates, which means realistically the costs should be amortized over four years. With this consideration, the real cost of PRO CAL 40 applications are generally less than $10-15 per acre per year. A great return on investment when you consider the increase in yield.

Our recommendation is to apply 1/3 of a producer’s fields each year. With this plan in place a farmer can cover all his acres over a three-year period. After that, soil sample the fields and see if the rate should be adjusted for subsequent years. [1] [2]