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[1]In the fast paced world we live in today it is easy to forget to say thank you.  We don’t want to forget to say thanks to our PRO CAL 40 and NutraBio customers that had these products applied this past fall, winter or spring.  Soil Solutions feels very fortunate to have had a busy application season.   We started last September and finished the last week of April applying either or both PRO CAL 40 and NutraBio, with only a couple of short periods when field conditions did not allow us to spread.  There were a few fields that we were not able to spread due to being too wet.  We apologize to those customers and will make every effort to get them applied next season.

We say a special thank you to the retail dealers and advisors that handle our product. We prefer to work through retail dealers and advisors since they know their customers’ fields and have the relationship.  In areas where dealers don’t have the equipment to apply PRO CAL 40 or don’t want to apply PRO CAL 40, we help their customers by providing the service.

We also want to thank our truck drivers and trucking companies that helped us to get the product delivered timely.  They are asked to drive on icy and snow packed roads and start hours before sunrise.  Rodney Peasley is our trucking coordinator who works closely with our salespeople, our customers and our trucking companies to be certain that each day is scheduled and deliveries are made in a timely fashion.  It is stressful work especially when the weather changes as much as it has this year.  A big Thank You, Rodney.  Thank you to our applicator operators, Mike Freiderichs and Cameron Trudeau and especially to Ron Hanks.  Ron has been spreading PRO CAL 40 since we began in 2001 and there is not anyone better.  We receive numerous comments from our customers about the great job that Ron does.  Ron works long hours (sometimes not finishing until midnight and starting again at daybreak) to be sure that customers’ fields are done before the weather changes.  He applied to fields from Holstein, Iowa to Mound City, Missouri to Belleville, Kansas, all the way to North Platte, Nebraska and near South Dakota and everywhere in between.  His hard work is greatly appreciated!!

If you are a dealer who have customers who either haven’t had PRO CAL 40 applied or it has been a few years since they last applied, be sure to give Gene Kenkel a call. Gene has been our agronomic representative for over 10 years and works hard to bring agronomic knowledge to our customers, generate maps and directions for fields, and to be sure deliveries go smoothly.  We thank Gene for his dedication to Soil Solutions and our customers.

We also have office employees who help get maps ready, prepare work orders and all related billing. It really takes much more work than it may appear at first glance.  We appreciate their efforts to make it all go smooth.

Again, we say Thank You to our farmer customers who, without you, we would not be here to serve. We wish you all a very safe and profitable crop year.