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Protect Your Plants—Get a Great Start To a High Yield Finish

Disease is present every year and with keeping more crop residue on the surface plus in some cases, the use of cover crops there is a “bridge’ for many diseases to cross to the next crop.  The use of Procidic “in furrow” has shown superior early protection against both fungal and bacterial diseases in either corn or soybeans.  Much like vitamins in human diets increase our immunity, Procidic systemically increases the plant’s defense system by inducing the plant to produce phytoalexins to impro

ve the plant’s natural defenses against both root and leaf diseases. (Pictures show soybeans th

at had Procidic applied in-furrow with the seed. Notice the extensive root system and the greenness and healthiness of these young plants.)

Research has shown

that root uptake of a “plant protectant” is more efficient than a foliar applic

ation for systemic activity and giving protection of the plant from top to bottom.  We have seen this in farmer’s fields as well.

One precaution, however, is that if you are applying a microbial product with your seed, do not use Procidic in furrow with it.

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