Procidic is an agricultural bactericide and fungicide formulated to protect crops during all stages of growth. Procidic has been proven highly effective at controlling many diseases caused by bacteria and fungi, and works on a wide range of diseases. Using Procidic can lessen or eliminate the need for traditional fungicides and bactericides and because Procidic is made of natural ingredients crops can grow the healthy, natural way.

Working systemically Procidic then moves toward the apex of the plant to inhibit the future growth of bacteria and fungi. Procidic’s advanced formula works to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and fungi on contact and is also rapidly absorbed into the plant. As an added benefit, there are no harsh chemicals to pollute the soil, so you’ll enjoy healthier crops year after year.

Look at Procidic label for proper rates and timing of applications.

Procidic is available in 2.5 gallon containers and 264 gallon totes


University Research on Procidic



General Information on the Use of Procidic

  • Labeled for use on many crops including corn, soybeans, alfalfa and wheat.
  • Procidic is best used as a preventative.
  • Procidic requires quality water free of contaminants and organic matter, a pH of 5.5-6.0 and a low salt concentration.
  • No re-entry waiting period is required as Procidic leaves no harsh residue.
  • Procidic does not cause stress to plants.
  • No maximum number of spray applications per growing season.
  • For best results, spray early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Avoid heat of the day.
  • Avoid spraying when rain is expected.
  • When disease pressure is present Procidic applications must reach live, green leaves.

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