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Procidic Gives Yield Responses In Corn Even When Disease Presence is Low

In several studies using Procidic in corn in a corn soybean rotation, yield responses were realized even when disease pressure was low or disease wasn’t present.  This is most likely due to  Procidic triggering the plant’s chemical defense system noted by an increase of phytochemicals such as phytoalexins.  These could cause the plants to increase plant processes that improve grain fill or possibly reduce pathogens in the plant that have not been visually expressed.  Even in drought stressed years such as 2012, yield responses were large enough to give a good return on investment.  In an Iowa State study, with little or no disease present when Procidic was applied at R1 stage there was a 17 bushel yield response.

If you are considering treating your crop with a fungicide/bactericide, contact us about using Procidic this year.  Prices have been reduced to help in the current farm economy. [1]