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PRO CAL 40 gypsum-Even More Than You Bargained For

We promote PRO CAL 40, our brand of gypsum, as a soil amendment to condition the soil, but it is even more than that. Numerous researchers have shown that gypsum does improve soil’s ability to absorb water and decrease runoff. It also improves soil structure by supplying calcium for flocculation of the clay particles. Most of our clients have applied PRO CAL 40 for these reasons and many have given testimonials to its effectiveness.

However, another benefit of gypsum is that it provides a very cost effective source of sulfur and calcium. Current market price for sulfur is around fifty cents per pound of sulfur. At the current price the cost for sulfur in PRO CAL 40 is about five cents per pound of sulfur, making it a real bargain, and you get the calcium thrown in at no cost.