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Is It Grey Leaf Spot or Is It Bacterial Leaf Streak?

Look a [1]t the two pictures. Can you tell me which one is Grey Leaf Spot and which on [2]e is Bacterial Leaf Streak? It takes a pretty sharp eye to be able to tell the difference and even then, there could be some degree of uncertainty in your mind. Northern Corn Leaf Blight, a fungal disease and Goss’s Wilt, a bacterial disease can also look similar in their early stages.

Both, Grey Leaf Spot and Bacterial Leaf Streak are present in Nebraska corn fields this year. The problem is that if mis-diagnosed, you may spray a fungicide and if it is Bacterial Leaf Streak you will not see any control since bacterial diseases are not controlled by fungicides. PROCIDIC does have activity on Bacterial Leaf Streak and most fungal diseases as well. You could consider using PROCIDIC or combining PROCIDIC with your current fungicide to give several modes of action. If you have questions about the use of PROCIDIC, please give Gene a call at 712-433-0000.

The correct answer is that the picture on the left is Bacterial Leaf Streak and the picture on the right is Grey Leaf Spot. Were you correct in your identification?