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Hillsides Needing Pro Cal 40

Many fields in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa showed yellowing and/or premature senescence this fall.  To the left you can see an alfalfa field that I took a picture of this last week in northeast Nebraska that is stunted and yellowing on the hillsides and hill tops.  Where applications of PRO CAL 40 have been applied, these areas were eliminated and both alfalfa yield and quality were greatly improved across the field.  To the right you can see a soybean field nearby the above alfalfa field, that is maturing unevenly.  The plants on the hill tops and hill sides are yellowing more quickly.  This field could be evened out with an application of PRO CAL 40.  The soybeans would yield more in those areas making the overall yield of the field much better.  The same is true of corn fields that showed these same pre-mature yellows.  There are many reasons for this occurring.  One reason is that these areas are the more stressed areas likely due to poorer root growth.  PRO CAL 40 does improve root growth and improves soil health.

I have seen these fields for years and yet some farmers are not making any effort to correct these areas.  Many farmers want higher soybean yields, but don’t change any of their practices to realize these higher yields.  Call us today to get your application of PRO CAL 40 scheduled and to discuss practices to increase your yields.  712-433-0000.  Improve your soils and the yields will follow.


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