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Bacterial Leaf Streak in Corn

Both fungal and bacterial diseases infect corn. A new bacterial disease that is becoming more common is Bacterial Leaf Streak. (See pictures) Recently it has been confirmed that many other grass species are also alternate hosts of this disease.   Although it doesn’t cause death of the corn plant it will severely decrease leaf area for photosynthesis and impact final yields. Being a bacterial disease, fungicides do not have activity on this disease. The product, Procidic, is both for fungal and bacterial diseases. Producers who used Procidic at around V5 stage this past year were satisfied with the activity it had on Bacterial Leaf Streak. Given the wet conditions that we are experiencing this spring and likely this summer, infection could be likely. Using Procidic as a preventative is preferred. Consider using Procidic both in furrow and at V5 stage to protect your corn against this disease and many others. Remember that as with most protectants, it is important to lower the spray water pH before adding Procidic. Call Gene at 712-433-0000 for more information.

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