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Are You Keeping Up With Sulfur in Your Fertility Program?


In visiting with producers about their soil tests and soil fertility, I often have noticed that they haven’t tested for sulfur. A recent article in No-Till Farmer magazine stresses the importance of testing for sulfur and adding sulfur in your fertility program.

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Figure 1. Alfalfa with sulfur deficiency.


Sulfur is essential for the two amino acids, cysteine and methionine found in proteins. Sulfur also promotes better nodulation in legume crops.  Alfalfa is responsive to sulfur, especially PRO CAL 40 since it also contains calcium (See pictures).  Having adequate sulfur will improve nitrogen efficiency.  Due to enhanced root growth, more nutrients will be available.  Certain soil microbes need sulfur to sustain soil activity and improve soil health.



Figure 2. Alfalfa after PRO CAL 40 was applied.

We promote PRO CAL 40 gypsum primarily as a soil amendment to improve soil infiltration, drainage and soil conditions, however, gypsum is also a very good source of available sulfur and available calcium.  In each ton of PRO CAL 40 (on a dry basis) you will receive 340# of sulfur.  When you consider PRO CAL 40 as a sulfur source it is your least expensive source available.  The sulfur in gypsum is in the sulfate form, the form the plant can use.  Since PRO CAL isn’t as water soluble as some other sulfate sulfur sources, it will not leach as readily and will release slowly through the season supplying late season sulfur as well.